Hey Gang! Good news: it turns out I’m NOT dead!

It has been an interesting couple of days though, so I’m sorry for not reporting. I found out that my fiance and I’s application for an apartment was accepted and I’ve also been busy trying to get my cat used to our new kitten. It’s been a challenge!

I’ve also been playing a little bit of WAR, in case, you know, you wanted to read about the game or something.

On that front, it’s been a blast. I decided that since I spent the Preview Weekends as Destruction that I’d give Order a shot. I was hesitant at first because Destruction was my first faction choice but I’m not so sure anymore.

The first Order character I rolled was a Bright Wizard. I read Syp’s article where he equated them to a fire mage and, since I played one on WoW, I figured that it might be a good fit. I found their dps to be pretty good. I romped around the starting zones doing the newbie quests and found myself in a nearby PQ to dispatch some servants of Chaos. We had some great healers, so I was able to dot just about every mob and not die from pulling aggro. The tanks were on the ball to help out there too. Despite my efforts, I was only able to come in fifth for contribution as my highest rank out of several attempts. I got a white loot bag but since I didn’t really need any of the items, I just took the money and went about my business.

I eventually made it into Chapter Two and began the Burning Windmill PQ. I found that one to be a lot of fun but a little underwhelming in the final phase. There were two end bosses for this particular PQ but we were able to take them down very easily with even as few as five people, two of which were Witch Hunters. At about this time, I ranked up and got myself a nice little spammable AOE dps skill. This ability was a lot of fun. It has an awesome animation where you make the ground ripple and explode in flame. It also would leave a residual char on the ground. Very neat! I didn’t do any number crunching but spamming this skill put out some quick and substantial damage, so I can see it being really useful in all realms of play.

After that, I joined up with the Nordenwatch scenario. I only did it once though, due to time constraints. Order won, which I would soon find to be a prominent trend on the Chrace server. At the end, I noticed that Witch Hunters tended to get the most death blows, so I decided to give one a shot.

When I rolled my Witch Hunter, Scornin, I wanted to get back to where I had been as soon as possible, so I pretty much blew through the content. By about my fifth rank, I was right back into finishing out Chapter Two. This time around, I did much better for contribution in the Burning Windmill PQ and ranked first, third, and eighth in that order, gaining some nice loot in the process. I also discovered anothe PQ where I had to kill Marauder Raiders and Ravegers. I didn’t even realize I was involved at first, since I was there for a quest. I wasn’t real interested in doing the whole thing since not many people were around, so I left. To my surprise, about ten minutes later the PQ chest popped up saying that it’d been completed and that I’d ranked first! I frantically ran back, unsure where the chest was, to get my reward. Thankfully, it was a nice new chest item that I equiped right away. When I was done there, I dove right back into Nordenwatch.

Nordenwatch was a blast this time around. I love the accusation system WH’s use and how they build up to powerful executions. I found myself pulling off a lot more death blows than with my Bright Wizard. I wound up ranking up (rank 6 at this point) and pulled my renown rank up to that level too.

Once I got most of the RR set, things really picked up. We won four of five rounds that I played in.

To me, Nordenwatch seemed mostly like a zergfest, which is unfortunate. The map is designed to allow two paths to battlefield objectives but people pretty much ignored all but the one straight from where you start at. It worked out fine during the first four matches but in the last one, Destruction beat us out in the zerg and forced their way into each of the objective areas. What got me, though, is that their whole crew was pushing forward, leaving the other objectives behind. Instead of going around the back to reclaim what we’d lost, everyone rushed headlong into their offensive force and got beat down like sheep running toward a thresher. I eventually ran around the back and tried to tell the other Order members that objectives were open but it was a lost cause at that point. I’d imagine that as we go forward, people will learn better strategies to winning scenarios, so I’m not overly concerned. I should also note that in match 2/5 people DID use the back route and gained a lot of ground that way.

When I was done there, I moved forward into Chapter Three. For the Empire, this chapter is where you receive your first RvR quests. I was elated when I got the first quests that called on me to kill a total of 11 other players. With a salute and a click of my heels, I was on my way down to the beach for some Normandy style open-world RvR.

When I got down there, Order and Destruction were facing off against each other in what looked like about 15v15. By this point I was rank 7 but most other players were about 10-12. I was able to help though. Destruction was perched up in the center of a small section of buildings above the beach. Their ranged DPS hurled balls of fire and destruction down upon us but we returned in kind. Pretty much any melee dps that came forward were slaughtered in short order. This lead to quick hit and run combat for them as well as their tanks. I made it my mission to shoot anyone I could with my pistol. From the get-go, Witch Hunters are able to do a low damage shot, while running, that will reduce their opponents movement speed by 50% for a short amount of time. In this way, I was able to contribute by slowing people down for the kill. I was even able to run forward and slash them with my sword to build up accusations towards an execution. I experienced a moment of glee the first time I lit another player on fire and watched them fall to their death.

Order won out but Destruction put up a great fight. It was a lot of fun. We eventually pushed them back out of the town and took the objective they had previously held. There was a lot of back and forth with zone control before I got there, so I’m sure the battle I’d come in late for had been waging energetically for some time.

So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to for the past couple of days: playing instead of writing! Bad for the blog, yes, but good for fun! Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll be back tomorrow with my very own guide on equipment stats and resistances, and probably some other goodies too.

See you on the battlefield!