WAR Stories is a new feature I’d like to keep up with. I’ll be turning a quest into a short narrative that will give you some information on the quest and hopefully entertain as well.

I walked into the Grimmenhagen Village town square, my staff in hand. It was a brutal time for a Bright Wizard. There was so much adversity in the world. The powers of Chaos encroached upon the lands of Men more with each passing day; there was so much to burn.

“Marauders are encroaching! Chaos is upon us, will no one heed the cries of our women?! Our brothers and sisters?! I am one man, I cannot fight them alone! Rally! Rally yourselves against the wicked assailants of Chaos!” The guard was hoarse. His cries were heeded by many but ignored by many more. Scores of men sat in town, waiting for the others to act as heroes among mice. I was no mouse. 

“Where?” I asked.

“In the town. Down the hill. They’re burning them alive down there, it’s overrun. May Sigmar’s blessing be with you, Wizard. You’ll need it.”

I joined the rest of the brave, rushing down the hill towards the residentials. I had broached the curve and my vision filled with flame – but not those of my creation. The town was a sea of beautiful but deadly fire. Screams filled the air; screams of women and children, but also pitiful men. My blood boiled.

Marauders had flooded the town and were reveling in their triumph over the townsfolk. I could feel the familiar burn in my finger tips, that pleasant tingle of fury. In seconds, I unleashed Hell upon them.

Balls of flame burned in my palms and I launched them at one, two, three of them. Their agony was exquisite. I muttered an incantation, ancient words of power, and exploded the ground beneath their feet in bursts of magma. They tried to come to me, holding their twisted, sick, arms out with a longing to loose my blood upon their tainted flesh. Today, their glory was none. Words spilled from my tongue of their own accord. I know not, to this day, what I spoke but they were all burned in wondrous flame that swallowed their bodies whole.

I ran from home to home, freeing as many villagers as I could. Nay, as many as could be saved and return to life. Death was better for those left begind. Alas, I only rescued but three…