Just so you’re up to date, I’ll be using this post to bullet point things that I find interesting in the Preview Weekend+ until I have time to write a complete post.

So far, I’ve noticed:

  • Pathing and Mob AI is much, much, MUCH better.
  • The racial select screen now features avatars of each race in nifty looking gear from upper tiers (it’s probably the one of the RR80 or Rank 40 sets, but I can’t be sure).
  • Lag is minimal; much better than before.
  • The tutorial pop-ups are very informative and helpful. You can check a box to turn these off.
  • The ToK is nicer looking and better organized than before.

Edit #1: Since Preview Weekend+ has ended and I was unable to play again, check out some of the things Syp noticed over at Waaagh!.

Edit #2: And some others Snafzg noticed over at The Greenskin!

I’ll be updating this over the course of the weekend should I be able to play more. I’ll also give a complete write up asap. My server just went down for emergency maitenance, so I’m probably done for the night. Hopefully, I’ll get out of work early this weekend so I can play a little more.

For anyone interested in meeting up, I’ll be playing on the Charce server. I’m working on an Order character, since most of my playtime during the original Preview Weekend was done on the destruction side. If you’d like to meet up, I’m a Bright Wizard named Malystrian.

Again, if there’s anything specific you’d like me to look into for you, please feel free to comment below.

For those not in Preview Weekend+, I sympathize with you. Two more days!!!