Breaking News! Straight from the Herald this morning, all of the players who took part in the Preview Weekend have been invited back for Preview Weekend+! The servers are being brought up tomorrow morning and will remain up to and through Open Beta.

It seems like they want us to level up a bit so there’s more people to take part in the content a few more chapters up from the beginning zones. I’ll be happy to oblige! Is there anything anyone would like to know when I go in?

Unfortunately for me, I’ll only have a couple of hours to play tomorrow and then I’ll be pretty well blocked off from playing again until Monday afternoon. I’d be happy to look into whatever I can for you all during my available time, though. Post anything you’d like to know in the comments but bear in mind, I’ll be limited in what I can access. I plan on levelling up as much as I can during Open Beta week so that I can bring you some fresh, new reports straight from the field.

To all those who are able to get in tomorrow, I have only one word…


Edit: I should also note that a lot of the EU customers are pretty upset. You can check out their thoughts here.