I recently received an email from a fan of the blog inquiring on roleplay in WAR. His questions reminded me of my own when I’ve approached other games, so I’ll attempt to answer them as best I can for the benefit of all who may share his ponderings.

Greg writes,

I’m writing to you regarding a particular post you did about RP on WAR servers. I haven’t been one of the lucky ones to have gained access to any of the Betas, but have you noticed any great interest in RP so far in the Betas?

Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat as you are. I’m set to take part in the Open Beta but wasn’t able to make it in while Closed Beta was still open. From what I’ve read though, roleplay hasn’t been prevalent on the beta test servers. It seems like there’s some interest though. I can’t find the link but I recall reading that during PQs, you would occasionally hear someone speak in the greenskin dialect (ie: “let’s get dem’ stunties!”). The lack of RP doesn’t have me worried, however.

Roleplayers tend to build their characters as they play; they get attached. All of the Closed Beta participants were subject to several character wipes. As Syp put it, WAR has yet to begin. I would imagine that if players were able to keep the same character all the way through the CB, we would have seen a little more RP. Another thing to consider is that the servers available for play were generic, meaning that roleplayers and non-roleplayers were all grouped together. There tends to be a distinct divide between these two groups, so the RP environment probably wasn’t encouraged too much.

I’m a long-time player from the WoW RP server Moon Guard and I’m keenly interested in all the lore and stories WAR has to offer.

You’re in for a treat. WAR is rich in story. In fact, areas are broken up into Chapters; that works just how it sounds. When you begin the game, you’ll enter into the Chapter One area for your race. When you do, you’ll open up a several page entry in the Tome of Knowledge that will give you a piece of a grand story. This story will get added to the further you progress with that character. Additionally, exploring the world and interacting with many different things in the game opens up other pieces of lore. These can range from being a couple paragraphs to a couple pages in your Tome. Quests, in my experience, tend to be of a decent quality too. You’re going to get the “kill 10 gnats” ones but in conjunction, you’ll get others that are really interesting too.

I’d also like to suggest looking into some Warhammer literature. A quick Amazon search will turn up a lot of results and you can generally buy the paperbacks used cheaply. I was skeptical at first but, after trying out a Malus Darkblade novel, I’m hooked! There’s decades of Warhammer lore out there and exploring it will add your gaming experience and immersion. It certainly did for me! During Preview Weekend, I got a little thrill out of encountering a race that had a part to play in the book. The more you read, the more likely it is this kind of thing will happen for you.

An RP server is going to be my first choice to roll on and I’m keen to know if you have any suggestions for servers or any guilds in the making I should check out (rolling Empire).

After some thought, I’m leaning towards an RP server too. At the current time, Mythic has confirmed that they’ll be offering Core RvR, Open RvR, and RP servers at launch… they just haven’t told us which servers will be what! I haven’t looked into enough RP guilds to give a recommendation to any particular one yet. What I would suggest is to cruise the roleplaying sections on some of the bigger WAR forums. I’ve explored the Warhammer Alliance RP boards quite a bit and have found that they’re a very welcoming and helpful community. Lurk around and see if you can find a popular thread. A lot of posters will put links to their guild’s website in their signatures. You can also take part in post-based RP as well. It may sound silly to some but it can be fun. Think of it as meta-gaming. If it’s good for nothing else, at least you can meet some new people.

I always find RP adds to the atmosphere of any game and I avoid those players named horrible non-lore names like “MastaHuntah or BootyBabe”.

I definitely agree! It’s a personal pet peeve of mine to see those kinds of names on RP, or even RPPVP servers. I wound up switching to a normal server on WoW after a year of playing on an RPPVP one and it certainly took some getting used to. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen so much in WAR.

Well, I believe I’ve addressed everything as best as I can. Thanks Greg!

I encourage all of my readers to give Greg any suggestions you might have. We have some smart CB testers out there who may have had different experiences than those I’ve read about.

If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to contact me. My inbox is always open!