This article is a re-post from about an hour ago. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it then but had a class to go to. I’ve redone it to my satisfaction. Quality Control!! 😀

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve accepted an offer to write a weekly column for Hammer of War Online. My column will be called “Upon the Pyre” and will cover various topics similar to how this blog does. I’m also considering covering the Squig Herder class but we’ll have to see what time allows; I’m dedicated up with Fires of WAR as it is now.

If you’ve ever read WoW Insider, then you’ll know what these folks are about. HoW aims to be a one-stop shop for WAR players interested in reading about all things related to the game. They’re getting in touch with lots of writers, trying to enlist them to become regular contributors.

Why did I decide to take the offer?

First, I’ve thoroughly reviewed the site and am satisfied with what I’m seeing. They’re going about things in a professional way and have high aspirations for the future. They also have a financial investment in this thing, so I can see them sticking with it and pushing it towards success moreso than other would-be blog resources ;-). Furthermore, I’ve corresponded with the websites creator quite a bit and, apart from being very professional, he’s pledged himself against any form of support for gold-sellers or RMT.

Second, I love to write. Having multiple outlets is really satisfying for me. In addition, when I played WoW, I used to really enjoy reading WoW Insider. When I couldn’t be in-game because of work or school, WI would give me a way to be “in the game” without being in the game, if you catch my meaning. I’d love to see something like that be available for WAR and, with the help of my fellow WAR bloggers, I’m happy to contribute to the effort. And finally, it gives you another resource to get your WAR fix and an outlet for your own writing endeavors. Maintaining a blog can take a lot of time, which is why I’ve only recently gotten into it. A site like HoW will let non-bloggers have their voice heard and benefit the community.

I should also note, again, that Fires of WAR will be unaffected by this weekly column 😀 . I’m going to continue to update the site as frequently as I’ve been. When I corresponded with the creator of HoW, I let him know this and, as a reader himself, he’s in support of it!

So, keep an eye on the site. “Upon the Pyre” will be a feature exclusive to HoW but anything else I write on will also be reported on here.