Hey Everyone!

Great news, I was finally able to get my hardware and software to play nice! The result? Podcast One!

It runs about 40 minutes long and touches on several topics that I’ve written about in the past couple of weeks. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to talk about everything I would have liked but I got in most of the big things.

On this podcast you’ll hear me talk about:

– “Three reasons why class balance won’t break WAR
Preview weekend, what went right and what didn’t.
– My preview weekend experiences
Thoughts on PQs
– “WAR redefines raiding


Some people like would rather listen to topics discussed rather than read about them. In my podcasts, you’ll see (hear, unless you have telepathic abilities… in which case we really need to meet) that I go over topics in a relaxed way and definitely don’t read word for word. If you want the *whole* picture, you’ll have to read the articles but by listening in you’ll get a general idea and some extra information *not* included in the articles.

I’d also like to make a small correction, as well. To the best of my knowledge, the first couple of quests in the human area do not give influence. I was mistaken there.

I’m interested to hear what you think, so please feel free to email me. It was a first attempt and the podcast will only get better the more we do it! Send in your mail and I’ll do my best to get to it on the air!

Happy listening and thanks for frequenting the site.