Before Warhammer Online, came to the PC (or any Warhammer game, for that matter) it existed as a table-top roleplaying game much like Dungeons and Dragons. For decades, fans have sat around with their friends rolling die, paint miniatures, and acting the roles of their chosen character. In that time, many books have been release to augment the game and expand its lore. Novels, both full-text and graphical have also been provided to the public.

Given this, it’s not surprising that Mythic intends to have full roleplay servers ready for launch. Personally, I intend to roll my main on an RP server. Even though I’m not hugely into RP, I find that I become more immersed in the gameplay when I see people act their roles and, when I’m in the mood, even join in for a short session. Plus, these servers also tend to have stricter naming policies. I don’t know about you, but it drives me a little crazy when I level ones, or any rank, running around with ridiculous names. I’m sorry OzzyOsbourne, you are NOT the king of darkness.

On WoW, I leveled my first character from 1-70 on an RPPVP server. It was great for the most part since it mixed my two playstyles. On rare occassions though, I bore witness to Erotic Roleplay, or ERP. What does this have to do with Warhammer you ask? Well, I think that based on several factors we may see this happening more often in Warhammer than we ever saw in WoW.

First, just on the surface level, we have the appearance of characters. Females avatars, with several exceptions, are much more sexualized than in many other games. I’ll tell you honestly, I saw some butt cheek on a Dark Elf sorceress (she needs to be introduced to a tanning bed. That girl hadn’t seen sun in weeks by the look of it). On its own, I don’t think it would amount to any more ERP than what happens in other games, but it’s still a factor.

Second, sexuality is present in Warhammer lore. For example, did you know that it’s not uncommon for highborn Druchii (Dark Elves) males to pursue their female siblings? Several Daemons are also somewhat sexualized in their actions and temptations. Warhammer Online will attract a portion of the table-top crowd who will surely be aware of this and even other examples. Now, Mythic won’t be putting too much more sexuality into their game than the avatars we play as; however, we must remember that our game experience may change with online play. 😉 I would imagine that, should we see this, it could only increase over time as the title attracts more players; more people will be reading Warhammer literature and become aware of these little tidbits of risque lore. Given the age and maturity level of many MMO players (no stereotype intended), I wouldn’t put it above some people to take advantage their knowledge for a cheap excuse to be lude.

So, will we see more ERP than in other games? It’s still up in the air but definitely possible. I’ll tell you this much though, I don’t want to see it. I don’t care what people want to do through tells but I have no interest in having those types of RP sessions invade my playtime. It does make me wonder though, what is the draw to that kind of behavior? If two people are in a relationship, sure, but what about the others who do it for the sake of doing it? *Sigh* I suppose there are some things I’ll never understand.