To wrap up my playtime last night, I decided to try out some Open-World RvR. Now, I was only rank 5 at the time, so I wasn’t planning on doing real well. My plan was to try to hide myself as good as possible, sic my squig on people, and plink away at some unsuspecting targets.

The battlefield objectives were at the other end of the greenskin starting zone, so I had traverse a lot of dangerous territory (for my rank) just to get there. On the way, I was lucky enough to run into two Order players battling some of my fellow greenies. We decimated the first player, a Blazing Wizard, and the other, an Ironbreaker, decided to run. Bad idea. I slowed him down with my “Stop Yer’ Runnin’” ability then hit him with my DoT and “Plink” skills (by the way, Squig Herder bows don’t have strings. Now that’s skill!). Between my piddly DPS and and the other two people beating on him, he didn’t last long.

After another 10 minutes of running, I got to the first battlefield objective. A few destruction players were already there waiting on the flag for the guards to spawn. It took three minutes and not a single Order player showed up. By the time the guards came, there were about eight of us there, so they posed no real threat. Once that objective was taken, we flooded towards the next one in a small, mixed race, pseudo-waaagh.  We hit the objective with about 10 seconds to spare until the guards spawned. Again, no Order players. After we slaughtered the guards and took the flag, a single human came trotting down the hill… for about two seconds. We were ravenous, we were furious, we were brutal and we didn’t know what to do again as soon as he was dead.

I suppose this is a result of the objectives being in the starting zone and people rushing to level out of it. I really like that they’re there and that we can RvR from a really early level. I just hope that blowing past the early content doesn’t become the norm for players at launch. When that time comes though, I think these objectives will be hard fought over. WAR is a game that’s touting RvR as its big selling point and I have a feeling that a portion of the masses will want to dig into it as soon as they can. I know a chunk of the player-base will, of course, power-level; RvR is said to be at its best in the later game. Personally, I think that’s a shame; there’s too much to miss speeding through to get to the end.

Even if there was only minimal opposition, I still had fun. It was neat to be in a warband out for conquest, and it was my first encounter with what RvR is about. I can see it getting a lot better as ranks and player base increase. So, suffice it to say that I’m very enthused about how much fun I’m going to have in the later levels. That experience is probably the last I’ll be able to have until Open Beta. Why oh why can’t Preview Weekend extend further into next week?