Or at least this morning!

They brought the Preview Weekend servers online as of 8:30AM this morning EST. I was suprised as that’s about two and a half hours before standard business hours in California! Mythic must have been pulling their team in early for some overtime today :-).

Due to the lack of time I’ll get to play this weekend, I’m trying to be organized in how I go about forming my impressions. I won’t be able to test each race or class. What I am doing, however, is playing each race to between second and third rank to get an impression about their starting zone. Obviously, this is FAR too short of a time to get a real impression, but I aim to bring you a description of the beginning zones and quests for each race.

I’ve also tried the scenarios available to each class, which I’ll also be detailing.

I’ve taken care of the above this morning but I’m not done.

I have some studying to do (NYS Teacher Certification exam #2 in the morning! BLAH.) but afterwords, I’ll be focusing on a single class so that I can experience some different content. I’ve yet to do any of the open-world RvR or any PQs, which are two of the things I’d like to do most.

Check back this evening for a detailed report!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m also taking a lot of screenshots. I’ll upload them to a Flickr account so they can be shared.