Hello everyone,

Since I don’t have any shiny new info straight out of beta to offer you, I figured I’d let some of the other great sites out there help you out with that! I’ll list some of my favorite sites down below with a brief description of what they have to offer (yes, they’re all in closed beta):

Waaagh!: Ran by author Syp, this blog will give you lots of information; first impressions of the game, positives and negatives, the engineer class, and a general overview of all things WAR. This guy is on the ball with frequent writing and getting any new information out there. There’s a TON of information here. Take advantage of it!

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog: Can we say “screenshot and video heaven”? These guys have 70 screen shots and 18 videos posted on their site. Keen even has a character creation video where he intentionally makes his Gobbo dizzy! I kid you not! On top of that, they have first impressions, analysis, and lots of other WAR and general gaming articles that are definitely worth a read.

The Greenskin: The Greenskin has first impressions, broken into positives and negatives, character customization, tier 4 armor set, and battle videos, greenskin lore, a “know your gods” segment, and much more. If you’re looking for many good reads, some help with RP (even though they’re not an RP site), or just good, old fashioned entertainment, this site is for you.

Warhammer Alliance: This is one of the biggest WAR forums out there. If you’re looking for a specific video, guide, or answer to a question, check this place out.

You’ll also notice that the first three all have links to the “ChaosCast” which is their very own podcast! Check it out; it’s highly quality, entertaining, and they even snagged an interview with one of Mythic’s own Tome designers!

Well, that’s about it for information sources. Support your local bloggers, use the blog roll! πŸ˜‰