We should be seeing the NDA drop!

… Hopefully.

At 9:13AM PST this morning, Mark Jacobs dropped by the Warhammer Alliance forums to say the following:

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Mbj is online, cross your fingers this is why…


Just a little while longer (hours not days) on the NDA lift folks. As I’ve said elsewhere, we have a lot of moving parts and some of them required a little extra oiling this morning.


As of right now, there’s exactly 28 minutes away!

On a related note, I wish that they would just drop the darn thing. I’m sure they’re pushing for a coordinated international press release or something but, come on. Three more hours delay? In that much time, they probably couldn’t do that much more fixing of any issues and if they did, the testers wouldn’t have much time to notice anyways. As far as the coordinated release, sure. I can understand that, but I guarantee that both North American and European customers are keeping and eye on all the big forums anyways, so even if it wasn’t coordinated, most people would find out at the same time regardless.

Ah, business…. how we love you.

Less than an hour!!!