Welcome to Fires of WAR!


Fires of WAR is a new blog that will primarily focus on all things related to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We’ll occasionally touch on other things, but here you’ll find my reports from the field, musings, and general thoughts on things in-game and out.


So who am I? My main alias is Raegn. I’ve been a blogger for several months now and was the sole writer on a small blog called MMO-Madness. What I found though, was that I was too centralized in my writing there. My original goal was to writer on many MMOs and wound up focusing primarily on WoW as it was the game I was playing at the time.


Fires of WAR is my answer to that conundrum. I’ve been following WAR for some time now and have already allowed my subscription to WoW to lapse. Well, kind of. Five more days until my remaining time is spent. From there on out, I’ll be salivating at my computer waiting for WAR’s Open Beta to begin so I can sink my teeth into some RvR action.


What you can expect from me here is what you would probably expect from any new blog: frequent posts, relevant topics, and interesting discussions. Will I be posting weekly round ups like my fellow bloggers in the WAR-o-sphere? No, probably not. There’s enough of that type of content out there that I don’t see a need to provide more links. I will, however, create my own features for you, such as our very own WARcast! The WARcast will be a regular podcast relating to topics on our blog and others not already discussed. More than anything though, I hope to entertain you with stories, opinion, and some news. One of my ultimate goals in blogging is to make you laugh. Come on, we all know that you’re probably reading this at work. What better time to get a smile out of something?


So, now that the mandatory “who are we” post is set, I hope to see you again. Check back frequently! We’re here to cleanse the blood from your eyes.