a zealot, marauder, witch elf, and squig herder.

From left to right: a zealot, marauder, witch elf, and squig herder.

Sometimes, we just feel jipped. For many, today is one of those days.

Mythic announced this morning that Open Beta would be beginning on September 7th, even though they’re allowing the client download today. There was a ton of hype about about pre-orders getting guaranteed access to Open Beta, to be sure; a lot of us figured that since they were offering the client download so soon, that open beta must be right around the corner. Turns out, it was a big orange detour sign.

Understandably, people have accused Mythic of hyping the OB so that they could sell more pre-orders and guarantee themselves more money. Personally, I see a hint of truth to those accusations. I mean, wouldn’t it make sense for them to do this? Mythic and EA are businesses and they’re out to make as much money as possible to satisfy their investors. To me, this seems to exemplify that.

Now, that being said, the only reason people got their hopes up so high was that they speculated too much to begin with. No one so much as hinted at the Open Beta being more than a week long. Mythic offered us up a tasty worm, and we bit deep into the hook.

So, are they at fault here? Yes. I believe they misled people intentionally. Are we at fault too? Absolutely, and I think we need to acknowledge that and respect how we came to this point. Warhammer Alliance has been on fire today with people upset about about this morning’s press release but very few seem to acknowledge that they may have read too much into too little.

On the plus side, they’re dropping the NDA tomorrow! Yay! I’m one of the few WAR bloggers that’s not in Closed Beta, so I can’t wait dig into all of the new information that’s sure to flood the interwebs. Granted, I’d rather be finding it all out first hand (It’s not too late to toss me a key, Mythic ;-)) but at least I can while away the weeks until September 7th flooding my synapses with flashbangs of WAAAGH!

Until then, dos stunties’ll meet ma basha in ma dreams.